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This here's my entry for the RPG maker IGMC 2017 contest. 
“Unfortunately, sleep is the least restful part of my day...“

Ashling is a seemingly ordinary office worker, who spends her days crunching numbers for the Halcyon Tower Insurance Firm, and her nights struggling for survival in a world she does not yet understand. After awakening to her powers as a fledgling dream fae, she was left with a choice: Does she embrace her new double life? Try to cling desperately to the ordinary human life she knows? Or leave it behind for something new?

Explore the surreal shifting landscape of the dream realm, solving puzzles and fighting monsters in this single-player action-rpg shooter dungeon crawler.

The actions you choose to take during the day will prepare you in different ways for your nightly excursions in the dream realm, while what you accomplish there may also have effects on the real world.


DreamDevourerDemoV1-14.zip 272 MB

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Typos, typos, typos! I suppose that given the time constraints of contest game design something had to give

"...plus it (the dream realm) is filled with many dangerous places created from the...
darker dreams of mankind..."  As a full explanation for every single danger in the dream realm this actually works pretty well.  You should have this as a central theme and even connect some of the random dream places to specific organizations or individuals within this setting~

Getting someone to edit the script for me would have benefited things greatly. I can use the time frame as an excuse all I want, but it's better to have a 2nd set of eyes go over your work anyways. Still no editor on the update patch I just posted I'm afraid, but from this point forward I'm going to have an editor for all future releases. 

And yes, one of the things I'm actually hoping to do as I continue the story is have the dream realm and 'real world' (In quotes since it's still the game's world) be able to affect each other in certain ways. Learning about new things and meeting new people during the day will open new missions and destinations to travel to at night, and on the other hand your actions in certain dreams might change the course of events in 'reality' by influencing people. 

Amazing game, you could definately sell this on steam... only problem is, as you are aware, the game is very short and personally that I find that very dissapointing as I really enjoyed it, just make sure not to sent people to often to the same areas in the dream realm as that would get repetitive.

Thank you!

Really, I think 'too short' is probably the best complaint I could get. 

And I agree! I consider the content presented here to basically just be a short demo of what I really wanted to make. One month just isn't as much time as it sounds like for game development, even with a 'quick production' engine like RPG maker. 

Same for the maps. I just didn't have the time to make more of them by the end of the game jam. I was trying to add content all the way up until the last day. You definitely raise a good point, but since I now have all the time in the world to add more (and better crafted) rooms, that issue should definitely be addressed in any future versions of this game.

One of the planned features that got cut from the game jam was to have some repeatable missions with randomized roomsets, in a sort of rougelike fashion. Some of the rooms I'd originally designed with this in mind just got reused multiple times in the demo to kinda show how they'll work and honestly pad things out a bit, but they should actually help reduce the repetition once I have a large pool of them since even if you roll the same area multiple times the path through it and possibly the enemy and items layouts should change.